Louisiana VA Loans

Are you a veteran or current military member? Are you aware of the VA Loan in Louisiana that may help
you buy a home with no money down? This flexible loan program makes it easier for veterans to buy a
home even right out of the service. Keep reading to see how we can help you use your VA home loan benefits.

Who Are VA Loans For

VA Loan are a great options for Veterans, Active Duty Service Members and their Spouses.  The VA Loan is the best mortgage options for all military members who qualify. 

How to Get a Louisiana VA Loan

  • A Certificate of Eligibility– We can use your DD214 to order one for you. 
  • Credit Score of At Least 500
  • Stable 2 Year Work History
  • Pass VA Residual Income Check 
  • Funding Fee Will Be Waived for Any Veteran with a Disability Rating
Louisiana VA Loan

See What You Qualify For

Take the first step in owning a home.  Complete our quick quiz and see what you qualify for. 

Why Choose A VA Loan

  • The Most Flexible Credit Requirement of Any Loan 
  • No Down Payment
  • No PMI Will Save You Hundreds Every Month 
  • You can use your VA Loan Benefit More Than Once
  • VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinances Allow you to Easily Refinance Later

VA Loan Myths

If you have spoke with a real estate agent or any one else who has encouraged you not to use your VA Loan, find someone else. Here we will bust a few common myths surrounding VA Home Loans. 

  1.  VA Loans Are Hard To Qualify For 
  2. VA Loans Take Too Long 
  3. You Can Only Use Your VA Loan Once 
  4. VA Appraisals are Tougher Than Others
  5. The Seller Has To Pay The Veterans Closing Costs
Don’t allow any of these myths to discourage you from using a VA Loan because they simply aren’t true. Get Qualified Today

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